The person that wears Boy Pink is...




Different than the majority


Can stand alone in a room full of people and still remain fierce

The Story of Boy Pink...

One day someone said to me "If I don't know nothing else about you I know you have a lot of gay male friends, you love the color pink, and buffalo chicken rolls." It was this statement that birthed the idea of the phrase "Boy Pink". I didn't know at the time how I would use it until one day while bored at work I began to draw out different designs using the phrase . I created multiple variations of the design but nothing worked. On my last attempt I drew out the letter B and I just kept tracing over it repeatedly. When I stopped tracing I saw that the top part of the B was shaded darker than the rest of the letter, and saw the letter P in the shade of pink instantly; here was how the logo was created. In my head, I clearly knew who my customer was...why, a gay man of course! But the vision for my customer changed when I realized Boy Pink meant more than just a gay man.  When I describe my customer: Non-judgmental, different than the majority, can stand alone in a room full of people and still remain fierce. That can be you, me, him or her. If you look deeper you will see what I see and you will realize Boy Pink is a representation of self love, self acceptance, and self awareness. Boy Pink is a reminder that a piece of cloth doesn't make enhances you. Be comfortable in the skin you're in...wear Boy Pink!